Our design and
construction process

Step one

Getting started with design & construct projects

Before beginning any preliminary works with us, you need to confirm that:


1. You own the site – unfortunately, we cannot commence our 'preliminary design' without a site that is owned by the client.

2. Site survey from a registered surveyor – we can provide you with the details of our recommended surveyor.

3. Preliminary assessment for your type of construction. For example, if you are considering to build a duplex, it is helpful to contact Council to ask if building a duplex on your site is permitted and if there are any zoning issues.

4. Clear idea on your budget – commitment to your total budget for the project so we can clearly assist you from the beginning.

Step two

Initial phone call

Each project is unique. A member from our team will give you a call to find out more about your project. As well as confirming the above (step one points). You will also be asked the following:

• What is the approximate area and frontage of your site?

• Does your property fall to the front or rear?

• Are there any easements on your property?

• When would you like to commence the project?

• Are we assisting with design and construct or construction only?

• Do you currently have any approvals in place?

Step three

Initial meeting and sign design contract

You will meet with Allen and a member of the design team to discuss in detail the following:

• Ideal floor plan and layout

• Preferred facades

• Preferred level of finishes

• Ideal timing for commencement of project

• Project budget

• Check site conditions (neighbors and adjoining properties, easements local Council controls, street access, sewer and storm water issues)

This is the time for you to raise any questions you may have regarding the build or design and to understand how working with us can be so easy and transparent. During this meeting, we will ask that you sign our design contract so that we can commence work on your project plans right away.

Step four

Design concepts

With the above in mind we will work to maximise all your ideal and desired items. We will steer this phase of works in the best direction.

From our experience it can take anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks to finalise your first concept dependent on many contributing factors including size, detail and complexity.

Once you have approved the first design concept, we will then send it to our external consultants and request feedback on the preliminary plans. Our external consultants include: structural engineers & hydraulic, BASIX consultant, town planner and landscape architect  (where applicable).

When we have received feedback from our consultants and incorporated their feedback to your project, we permit one further round of changes as requested to ensure that your design has been achieved to meet all of your needs.

Step five

Finalise and submit plans

Where to next?- we can sometimes take one of 2 routes dependent on councils LEP and DCP and the size of the project.

DA approvals mean that we submit the plans on your behalf to your local Council. DA's can take anywhere from 2-6 months for approval. These are typically held to a series of conditions and vary dramatically from council - council.

CDC approvals mean that we submit the plans on your behalf to your local Council. These can take anywere from 2-4 weeks for approval, however only certain types of developments are applicable to be lodged as a CDC.

We will discuss the best option for your project at this stage so we can move forward with the approval as soon as possible.

Step six

Construction certificate plans

This stage involves creating a set of detailed plans outlining materials and finishes for your project. This will insure that we will provide you with an accurate quote and minimise any uncertainty throughout your project.


Some considerations dependent of the type of project…

1. Style/design- would you prefer a contemporary style or a traditional facade (e.g. modern/concrete architectural or cottage/hamptons style)?

2. Is it to live in or to sell?

3. How many bathrooms & bedrooms are required?

4. How many living spaces are required?

5. Do you wish to include a media room or study room?

6. Do you wish to include home automation? smart lighting, smart blinds/curtains etc?

7. Must haves – what is non-negotiable?

8. Preferable priorities – what would you really like to include?

9. At the end of the project what are 2 key items that would ensure you consider this project a success?

Need more information? please get in touch with us.